Understanding FedEx Carrier Exceptions

Posted by Benjamin Meskin on Sep 18, 2019 11:00:00 AM
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What is a FedEx Exception?

fedex truck shipping exception


When shipping with FedEx, we all know the quality of care and prompt delivery that comes with choosing them as your carrier. With 98% of FedEx packages arriving on time, unharmed, and to the correct recipient, an exception notification is not a common occurrence. However, when an exception does appear on your tracking notifications, understanding the terms and procedures can help you estimate your package’s arrival.  Read more to learn about the different types of exceptions that are possible with Fed-Ex's current protocols.



Pick Up and Delivery Exceptions

truck pick up and delivery exceptions

While there are many types of exception scenarios, likely the most common that you would run into are Pick-Up and Delivery.


A Pick-Up exception can occur when you have scheduled your package to be picked up by a FedEx carrier, and the package either isn’t there when they arrive, or it isn’t ready on time. In this scenario, you would need to resubmit a pick-up request, and therefore would tack on an additional day to the delivery expectations.


In the event of a Delivery exception report, several incidents may have happened to trigger the notification, the most common one being a “PMX” reading. “PMX” or PM Exception simply means that the package could not be delivered and will be sent back to the shipping station overnight. The package recipient not being available, a wrong address, inclement weather, or a damaged label usually causes a PMX status on the tracking page. If the recipient wasn’t home or could not sign for the shipment, the carrier will likely reattempt the delivery the following day.


Loss and Damage Exceptions

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While FedEx carriers always use best practices to ensure the safety of a customer’s shipment, sometimes accidents happen. When a package is damaged in transit, the carrier puts a hold on the item rather than delivering it. The damaged item is then taken back to the shipment station and can put a PMX notification on the tracking page, with a “Damaged” note below it. If this notice appears on the tracking information, you would need to contact FedEx and make a claim.


To minimize the risk of damage during transport and maximize your chances to get a refund, make sure you follow FedEx packing guidelines. If you have insured with Cabrella, the claim filing process will be much quicker than through classic channels.


Although also an infrequent occasion, from time to time a package may be lost. When a carrier realizes that a package isn’t present and cannot to be delivered, they will put in a “Lost” exception, which will notify the shipper to call FedEx and make a refund claim.

There again, make sure you have proper coverage, so you don’t leave money on the table. National carriers typically have lower limits and more restrictions than third-party insurance providers. Compare the costs of insuring with a carrier vs a broker and choose wisely.


Incorrect Addresses and Label Damage

packages incorrect addresses and label damage

Once a customer’s package is out for delivery, an incorrect address can quickly gum up the works. You should always double-check the recipient’s address. If a number is off even by a single digit, whether it is for a zip code, a suite or apartment number, or for a street address, it can completely send the package to another destination. When a carrier notices an inconsistency with an address or name, they will give a PMX exception notice, take the shipment back to a station, and you will have to contact FedEx.


On the other hand, if the address is correct, but the label is damaged, the issues can be close to the same. If a carrier cannot scan the barcode of a label, or read the recipient’s address, they will return the shipment to the center with a PMX exception on the tracking and a noted status of “Damaged Label.”


Holiday Exceptions

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During the holiday peak season, many services get a little more hectic, and package delivery is one of those amongst the top of the list. During this time of year, it is particularly important for parcel shippers to double and triple-check package weights, dimensions, labels, and pick up times. Any precautions that can be taken to avoid a delivery disruption can be beneficial for all parties involved. If there is an issue with weather, labels, weights, or a huge influx of packages out of a particular area, FedEx may have to hold packages for pick up.



Are There Exceptions to The Money Back Guarantee?

Fedex money back guarantee


The majority of the time, you can expect your FedEx package to arrive on time, and unscathed, but when a problem does occur, FedEx does have a Money-Back Guarantee. The Money-Back Guarantee is offered on every U.S. shipment and may be requested if they miss their projected arrival time.


However, there are exceptions to their refund promise, such as

· if the label were illegible, damaged, or missing

· improper addresses

· air traffic control issues

· inclement weather

· if FedEx receives instructions to redirect a delivery to a hold location


Also, if a package was not ready for pick up, or if it was dropped off after that day’s last ship out time, then that would add more time onto the expected delivery date and would therefore not be eligible for a refund.


If you believe your package is eligible for the Money Back Guarantee, you would need to reach out to FedEx to start the refund process. Refunds are not automatic, even if the package does qualify.


Can Cabrella Make Tracking Packages Easier?

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Life is fast-paced and can make keeping track of shipping updates difficult, but Cabrella is here to help. When you use Cabrella software, you can follow each transit step until your package arrives at its destination.

The easy-to-use private dashboard gives you instant access to all of your shipments and provides real-time updates on national and international tracking.


Receiving an Exception notice via FedEx can throw a wrench in your designated arrival time, but knowing about it as fast as possible can make all the difference. Cabrella keeps you notified so that if action needs to be taken, if a carrier needs to be contacted, if a hold request needs to be requested, or if a claim needs to be filed, you’ll know immediately. This reactivity will also increase the level of service to your customers, who will receive a prompt answer when they see an exception attached to their order.


Interested in seeing our software solution in action?


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