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Posted by Benjamin Meskin on Jul 24, 2019 9:26:08 AM
Benjamin Meskin


When it comes to shipping your items, protecting them is key. From trucks to ships to airplanes, your belongings go through a lot to get to their final destination. Unfortunately, you can’t be present to escort them through all of these modes of transportation, so often your cargo is out of your hands and out of your ability to protect them.


That's why you need to find the best third party shipping insurance to insure your fragile, valuable, old or rare, or just plain hard to transport items.


Having shipping insurance can go a long way towards giving you peace of mind about your items as they are shipped around the country or around the world. We can’t always prevent things from being lost, stolen, or damaged, but we can provide ourselves with a financial protection safety net in case of a problem with a shipment.


Cabrella is a shipping insurance company that offers real time tracking, paperless claim filing, high tech software integration, and much more that makes them stand out from the other insurance company competition. Here’s how Cabrella insurance compares to other third party shipping insurers.


No Minimums


Part of what makes Cabrella different is not only the custom insurance solutions they provide, but the savings they are able to afford their clients every step of the way.


Cabrella doesn’t have a minimum amount you have to pay or ship per month; you pay on a shipment by shipment basis, so you don’t have to pay to keep your account open if you aren’t shipping anything during a particular month.


Other competitors, like Shipsurance, have a $20 minimum, which means you’ll be charged that monthly minimum even if you don’t have any shipments going out.


Lower Rates


Cabrella is able to charge lower rates for third party insurance because of a practice called subrogation. Subrogation means that the carrier of your shipment can be held liable if your shipment experiences loss or damage.


Cabrella puts themselves in their clients’ shoes, pays the insurance claim, and then goes to the carrier to receive the financial amount of the insured items.


Basically, Cabrella pays the insurance claim and is then able to be reimbursed for some or all of that amount by the carrier’s insurance coverage. Thus, this allows Cabrella to offer lower rates for their exceptional quality shipping insurance. 


No Rounding Rates


Cabrella also maintains their affordability of insurance costs because they don’t round up their rates. Other companies use this practice to get a bit more money out of clients. Some insurance plans from other third party shipping companies bump up shipments to a new rate if they exceed the bracket for the old value by more than one cent.


Cabrella provides custom shipping insurance, which means that every shipment is examined and given a rate that is affordable and beneficial to the client. Cabrella doesn’t round up their rates, which makes them more affordable and able to consistently insure items for their correct value every day.


Non-Signature Shipping Coverage


Getting a signature when a delivery is made is common practice in the shipping and delivery industry. Getting a signature ensures that a package or shipment got to where it needed to go or, if something went wrong along the way, there is a distinct paper trail to lead to where a mistake was made. Signatures are a way that many major shipping carriers document shipments throughout the transportation process.


However, getting a signature upon delivery can often cost an extra $3-$5. If a shipment is lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised, there is often a lengthy and time consuming paperwork process that needs to be undertaken by the recipient of the shipment. If a business is shipping something to a customer, this can make the business look bad as they have put all the pressure on the recipient to file all this paperwork.


Cabrella doesn’t require this paperwork in the event of lost packages or other incidents; they will reimburse the business for the lost or stolen package without requiring the recipient to go through the paperwork hassle.


This makes the insurance claims process easier on the business in question and keeps the customer service reputation intact for future business to continue smoothly.


Advanced Technology


Cabrella utilizes advanced technology to track shipments in real time, connecting different carriers around the world to your mobile devices. Clients are able to track their shipments as they move around the country or around the world, which makes for a streamlined and easy to use shipping management system.


Cabrella’s system allows clients to insure shipments, void transactions, and manage transparently to avoid surprise fees that are only listed in the fine print. Cabrella’s system can be integrated into the shipping apps and other mobile interfaces that you already use.


Cabrella’s Multi-Carrier Shipping Insurance Software allows users to see notifications regarding carrier exceptions for insured packages, see risk assessments of regions their packages are being shipped in, and easily file a claim online.


The software that Cabrella uses also allows clients to create a parcel insurance plan, as well as view their insured shipments by carrier, by the value they are insured for, the date range they are being shipped, and other metrics that allow clients to gather data for insurance and business purposes.


Cabrella Shipping Insurance


Cabrella ships packages safely, securely, and in tandem with carriers like the postal service, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and more around the globe. Claims are filed easily and can be reimbursed in less than 30 business days after filing. Transparency, no surprise fees, custom shipping insurance, and easy claims filing are just a few things that separate Cabrella from the competition.


To learn more about Cabrella’s shipping insurance and to request your free shipping insurance quote today.


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