7 Tips for Shipping Artwork

Posted by Benjamin Meskin on Oct 24, 2018 10:00:00 AM
Benjamin Meskin

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As wonderfully rewarding as finding new art pieces may be for collectors, museums, or art galleries, shipping the artwork may be the most difficult part of the entire process. 

Here are seven helpful tips to help the most accomplished art collector to the amateur collector with the process of shipping art.


1. Properly Measure Paintings to Pack and Ship


This may seem like a very basic concept. However, it can be the most important aspect when it comes to preparing to ship art. Properly measuring your recent acquisition can be the difference of maintaining your beautiful painting or ruining it during the shipping process. The entire process of shipping art rests on making sure the packaging is the appropriate size to protect the art being shipped.


2. Utilize Bubble Wrap Appropriately



Bubble wrap is an important aspect of the packing and shipping process. However, there is a correct way to utilize bubble wrap and an incorrect way. Make sure to place the bubble wrap with the flat side facing up. Then, you must rest the painting on the flat side of the bubble wrap to avoid leaving imprints on the painting from the bubble side of the wrap. It is not unusual to utilize more than one layer of bubble wrap when working to protect a priceless painting.



3. Use Art Tape to Protect Framed Fine Art



If the art you are shipping is framed and protected by glass, you need to utilize art tape. If the glass is damaged in shipping, properly applied art tape can protect the painting from being damaged from the broken glass. This is not something that can be taken lightly. There is a very specific way the tape must be applied. Using wider art tape, make a star pattern on the glass. Rest assured, this pattern will serve as a protective barrier to collect the broken glass and keep it off the surface of the painting. Taping the glass will sometimes leave a residue on the glass, but it is vital for the painting's safety to tape it. If you are concerned about possible residue, test the tape on different glass first or switch out your frame's glass for Optium Museum Glass, which has a coating that protects the glass from the tape's residue. 



4. Save Money Domestically with UPS or FedEx



UPS and FedEx offer well-known shipping options for shipping artwork. Many shipped paintings have arrived without a scratch or tear through UPS and FedEx. Their service even helps you find the proper packing products for your shipped art, to help protect all art as they are shipped across the US. These are the less expensive shipping option that can still result in a successful delivery.



5. Utilize Professional Shipping Companies to Ship Overseas



When preparing to package and ship artwork overseas, UPS and FedEx may not be the best option. These are usually much longer flights with more risk of damage. Therefore, it may be better to work with a professional custom art shipping company. These companies are able to package any art properly and typically deliver such art without any issues.



6. Double Pack Your Fine Art



There is a risk of additional damage beyond basic expected damage, such as broken glass. There is always a risk of water damage when shipping art. Water could come into contact with the art packaging due to any number of issues that can occur in transit. Therefore, it is always a great idea to double package any art work. In addition to utilizing bubble wrap around your art work, add two layers of boxing to the artwork. The top layer should be waterproof to prevent any damage to the packed art. The second box, on the interior packaging, can protect the integrity of the artwork.



7. Properly Insure Your Shipment



Life happens, no matter how prepared any person can be. This is the reason companies offer insurance coverage for any type of shipment, include art shipments. Cabrella makes insuring your art shipment easier than the entire shipping processwith their ecommerce shipping solutions. Cabrella offers a complete online platform that allows consumers to track all their shipments in one easy to access location. Paperless claims can be made online, should an issue occur and are resolved as fast as 30 days. Cabrella covers shipments to over 182 countries, making it an obvious resource for international art shipments, as well as domestic.



Whether you are shipping internationally or domestically, there are numerous ways in which to protect your valuable art during the shipment process. Anything can happen, making it necessary to properly pack your fine art and choose a shipping company you can trust. In addition, you must consider insuring your shipment for those uncontrollable events which can damage your shipment or cause it to go missing, despite every potential precaution.



When shipping valuable art, make sure you are prepared and get a quote for Cabrella shipping insurance. 




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