Cabrella & ShipStation Integration [Press Release]

Posted by Benjamin Meskin on Jun 29, 2020 9:00:00 AM
Benjamin Meskin

Cabrella has recently made it even easier to get high value shipments insured seamlessly. Through its new API integration to ShipStation and Shippo, clients now have access to a streamlined, efficient, and integrated solution to purchase shipping insurance at highly discounted rates all while benefiting from more comprehensive coverage and access to true insurance expertise.


In the past, ShipStation and Shippo users would use their platform to pick and quote between carriers, print labels and then would have to export their shipment data and upload into Cabrella to purchase shipping insurance. Now, users can take advantage of a new service with Cabrella insurance integrated directly into the platform, eliminating the need for manual data entry across platforms. Users can simply ship with Shipstation or Shippo as they normally would - and all data is transmitted to Cabrella for insurance processing via API. 


Integrating Technology

Cabrella’s advanced API system and the new ShipStation/Shippo integrations allow shipment  information to be exported to Cabrella for insurance processing automatically. Cabrella had previously integrated with UPS and FedEx systems to enable users to purchase 3rd party insurance. Additional integrations to be released later this year are Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, Woo Commerce, Big Commerce, Pitney Bose, eBay, and more. 


Cabrella and its integrated technologies allow users to use Cabrella insurance and services without any dual entry. Benefits include premium savings, more comprehensive coverage, higher limits, fewer exclusions, risk management data and reporting, access to world class underwriters, claims management systems and more. 


Work with Cabrella

Cabrella maintains an excellent customer service record and offers more comprehensive insurance coverage than the competition. Cabrella’s experts create custom plans and tailored shipping insurance solutions for customers in a wide variety of industries with different shipping needs.


Cabrella’s claims process is quick and easy to manage, with fast resolutions that get businesses back on their feet if something should happen to a shipment in transit. 


Cabrella is now offering a label creation service that allows users to create labels, insure, and track shipments from one place using multiple carriers. 


Member Benefits

For a monthly membership of $20 which is credited against insurance premiums, Cabrella users can access integrated API technology for insurance only purposes or use Cabrella shipping software to create new shipments, print labels, purchase insurance, and much more. They can also file and manage insurance claims as well as see data analytics, recommendations and business intelligence on the safest ways to ship an item.


Members have access to discounted insurance rates using multiple carriers. These discounted shipping rates and integrated technologies allow users to save on freight costs, manage shipments and orders, and conduct business in a streamlined and efficient fashion. 


To learn more about ShipStation or Shippo integration, contact the experts at Cabrella at (844) 422-2735. Our professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have. 

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