8 Integrations Cabrella Shipping Insurance Software Offers

Posted by Benjamin Meskin on Feb 25, 2021 3:12:32 PM
Benjamin Meskin

Cabrella's shipping insurance software integrates seamlessly with the market's top carriers and best shipping software platforms. By offering competitive shipping insurance rates and a simplified claims process, Cabrella can protect your deliveries from nearly any risk with fewer restrictions than most carrier insurance options. 

Through an API (Advanced Programming Interface), Cabrella's shipping software integrations connect with dozens of different shipping systems, like ShipStation, to instantly and automatically process your insurance. Instead of insuring shipments with carriers, Cabrella offers more comprehensive coverage at lower rates with fewer exclusions - all at the point of label generation through advanced integrations. Even better, with Cabrella, shippers have access to business intelligence reporting, active risk managers and advanced tracking and a fully paperless carrier agnostic claims systems. 

Shipping platforms Cabrella integrates with


1. ShipStation

ShipStation's web-based shipping software integrations connect with some of the most popular online platforms, marketplaces, and carriers in the e-commerce shipping industry. Users can synchronize order controls across platforms via API integrations while enhancing consumer impressions with personalized branding. Shippers can add their logos, colors, and other unique touches that complement their brand experience.

Sellers have access to intuitive tools via the ShipStation integration that simplifies inventory management, auditing, and reporting. Additionally, retailers can optimize shipping processes by combining, splitting, changing, and filtering orders for increased visibility. Another useful tool allows you to automatically apply actions to bulk orders, speed up order fulfillment, keep tasks organized, and provide insights at each shipping stage.


2. Shippo

Shippo's multi-carrier shipping software integrations include over 50 carriers and dozens of online stores worldwide. Sellers can synchronize their sales channels into a single platform to manage orders and streamline returns. Some of the supported e-commerce sites include Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and Square. Retails can also validate addresses, schedule pickups, and send branded emails to customers. 

A detailed tracking history, accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), and real-time updates help shape a positive customer experience that promotes long-term loyalty. Shippo has additional business growth features such as international delivery, niche retail, and multi-brand order fulfillment options. Other scalable tools enable companies to process batch workflows for faster shipment processing. 


3. FedEx Express

FedEx's Ship Manager software allows sellers to monitor and review shipment activity, create custom reports, and connect to data systems via the FedEx Integration Assistant. Retailers can automate daily shipping tasks, create customer profiles, and include special shipping instructions using the platform. 

Retailers can also schedule pickups, arrange for a courier delivery, and set up email alerts. Advanced shipment tracking, personalizable design templates, and assistance with returns are other features available through the Ship Manager software. Using proactive return management tools, shippers can generate QR code labels, find drop-off locations, and access various business support services. 

Cabrella shipping insurance software integrations


4. UPS

Using the UPS WorldShip software, shippers can print labels (which is also a feature of Cabrella Shipping Insurance Software), upload documents for customs, receive alerts, view reports, track deliveries, and export shipping data. Sellers can download the software in 20 different languages, and the shipping software connects seamlessly with Cabrella's shipping insurance system to save time and money.

Business owners can import, or export batch files with addresses and shipment information to external platforms with the WorldShip software. UPS also offers separate APIs for various functions for address validation, time in transit, tracking, and rating.  Other customer service features include self-serve returns and customizable logistics solutions.


5. ShipEngine

ShipEngine's multi-carrier API software helps sellers manage returns, validate addresses, and process shipments across hundreds of carriers. Some of ShipEngine's integration partners include PayPal, eBay, Groupon, ChannelAdvisor, Etsy, Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify, among other carriers and marketplaces. An international shipping API empowers e-commerce sellers to tap into global markets.

Merchants can create unique workflows that correspond with their shipping practices while managing orders from start to finish. By eliminating shipment processing delays, ShipEngine accelerates and streamlines logistics processes. These increased efficiencies ensure deliveries arrive at their destinations on-time. Additionally, the shipping software allows retailers to include personalized brand materials.

E-commerce shipping


6. ShipWorks

ShipWorks is a fulfillment software solution that supports high-volume shipping demands. The system's extensive API integrations are compatible with nearly every carrier and include over 100 capabilities. Data source integrations with Amazon, UPS, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Volusion, Sears, DropBox are just a few of the carriers and marketplaces that ShipWorks supports. 

The flexible automation options, limitless shipping software integrations, automated inventory management, batch processing help streamline shipping solutions, and the Automated Intelligence System, ShipSense AI, can minimize human error chances. Meanwhile, Intelligent Order Routing automatically selects the most appropriate warehouse to fulfill deliveries.


7. Shipping Easy

Shipping Easy is an intuitive shipping solution that can automate workflows, import orders automatically, access Shopify seller's tools, and streamline delivery. Automated capabilities allow sellers to view carrier maps based on consumer preferences, create custom rules for deliveries, and receive tracking status updates.

Other integrations allow for unlimited shopping carts and marketplaces. Additional order management tools enable sellers to ship from multiple locations, process batch orders, sort orders by category, combine and split shipments. Bar code scanning, consumer marketing, international support, and return management tools are other features retailers can leverage through Shipping Easy.

woman scanning parcel labels


8. Shopify

Shopify Shipping streamlines the order fulfillment process domestically and internationally, supporting UPS, USPS, and DHL. In contrast to other shipping software integrations, Shopify's tools are integrated into a user's Shopify account. Retailers can arrange pickups, fulfill bulk orders, prepare forms, and calculate shipping costs using the web-based application. 

If you have inventory at multiple warehouses, Shopify can display a list of all products in all locations, increasing visibility into product availability. Additional dropshipping and fulfillment services allow merchants to prepare orders at third-party warehouses, eliminating the need for manual processing. Customizable fulfillment services, Fulfill by Amazon (FBA), and the Shopify Fulfillment Network offer a comprehensive set of shipment solutions.


The Benefits of Shipping Software Integrations

Cabrella's API-based shipping insurance software integrates with the platforms above and others to offer global retailers comprehensive benefits.

  • Insure shipments automatically without double entry
  • Benefit from higher limits, more comprehensive coverage, lower rates and active risk management
  • Access business intelligence data that enables smarter shipping decisions
  • Select the best carrier for a specified shipping location
  • Straightforward claims management via fully paperless carrier agnostic claims system
  • Custom API options available
  • Integrate with ShipStation, UPS, FedEx, Ship Engine, Shippo, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, eBay, and more.

By integrating shipping insurance software into your delivery system, you can boost your company's productivity and take advantage of scalable growth opportunities. You also benefit from expedited claims processing that can help you receive reimbursement sooner.

Shipping insurance


Final Thoughts

Building customer loyalty requires streamlined order processing and delivery using the best shipping software and insurance integrations. Cabrella's shipping insurance software allows you to leverage the market's top shipping software services while automatically adding world-class shipping insurance coverage to your orders.

Contact us today to find out how Cabrella's shipping insurance software can get you the best shipping insurance rates. 

Learn more about Cabrella Shipping Insurance Software Integrations. Contact our shipping insurance professionals at Cabrella at 844-422-2735. We look forward to answering your inquiries. 

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