[Infographic] How to Ship Jewelry Safely

Posted by Benjamin Meskin on Nov 6, 2019 11:15:00 AM
Benjamin Meskin

how to ship jewelry safely


For high ticket value products like jewelry, it can be useful to take extra precautions during the shipping process to ensure safety. The safety of a shipment depends on many factors, such as proper packing, clear labeling, tracking abilities, and whether or not a signature is required for delivery.  Additionally, Cabrella has developed a secure, zip-tied box specifically to provide a safer inner packaging option while shipping jewelry and small, valuable products. 


Check out our infographic to learn how to make sure your jewelry shipments arrive successfully to your customers every time.


cabrella safe shipping and packaging checklist


Cabrella has years of insurance industry expertise and make sure your shipments are covered.  Click below to schedule a free quote and to see how we can help you save.


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