3 Ways to Improve Customer Experience using Shopify

Posted by Benjamin Meskin on Sep 23, 2021 9:00:00 AM
Benjamin Meskin

Are you an eCommerce seller who wants to increase conversions and retain customers? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s the ultimate guide to how to use Shopify apps, analytics, and features to massively improve customer experience. Plus, we will show you how to create a seamless shipping process to help your business thrive.

Shopify is a platform that is used by 1,000,000 businesses worldwide. As a result, the brand has a range of features that many users do not fully utilize. Let’s examine the top three ways to improve your customer experience. And while we’re at it, we will see how to improve and perfect your operations processes with eCommerce shipping solutions


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Using Shopify to Get and Keep More Customers


Utilize Shopify Analytics

If you are involved in eCommerce in any way, you will want to use Shopify and its comprehensive analytics platform to oversee your entire operations process. Shopify's analytics and reports can be used to review your physical and online business simultaneously.

Many Shopify users use the Analytics platform to track store activity, analyze transactions, view insight on visitors, and examine online store speed. Shopify Analytics uses an Overview dashboard to view vital financial reports or with a live view. It provides a vast amount of insight, similar to Google Analytics but for your entire business process. You can use Shopify Analytics for:

  • Finance Reports
  • Product Analytics
  • Acquisition Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Behavior Reports
  • Retail Sales Reports
  • Order Reports

Many Shopify users deploy the dashboard for all common reporting and analysis needs. On top of this, many Shopify users like to use shipping software that integrates with Shopify to streamline everything involved with shipping insurance rates and the sometimes frustrating claims process.

It is beneficial to access business intelligence reporting, entirely paperless carrier-agnostic claims systems, and even active risk management and advanced tracking. Many smart eCommerce operators shipping high-value goods manage logistics from Cabrella using integrations to pull and fulfill orders


Shopify Analytics dashboard


Deploy the Shopify Apps

Many savvy eCommerce business owners use the Shopify Mobile App to run their business wherever they are. The Shopify App allows users to manage products, orders, staff, and customers. Simply and with an easy-to-use interface.

Users can manage products in-app, process orders, and respond to real-time information. We’re talking live sales, visitor traffic, order notifications, and staff communication. It’s amazing how technology allows business owners to operate an entire organization from a telephone!

Shop Pay is another App that Shopify powers. It was designed as a straightforward way for customers to pay by remembering and encrypting their details to go through checkout in one tap. This is yet another tool that you can have customers sign up for.

Shop Pay helps them shop easier and increases sales with repeat customer visits that are easy to process. Customers can also pay in full at checkout or even split their purchase into four installments over time. Not a bad way to make prices appear lower and more appealing.

Having more payment options almost always increases sales. Returning customers spend 67% more than first-time customers. It’s called eCommerce customer retention, and it’s an important strategy that focuses on converting one-time shoppers into loyal customers.


Shopify mobile apps


Develop the Ultimate Shipping Process

Every eCommerce business needs shipping software -  combine this with Cabrella technology, and you can create an efficient shipping process that includes tracking, shipping insurance and integrated software. Everything from one centralized place.

Every eCommerce owner spends a great deal of time ensuring that their website runs smoothly: they want tools that keep track of inventory and ensure that the website is SEO-friendly. Shipping is another highly critical area that should be focused on. It’s paramount to guarantee that customers receive what they order. They want their stuff undamaged, and they want it fast!

But what is eCommerce shipping insurance, and how does it play a role? It’s a responsible way to ensure that customers receive their shipments and that you have them covered if anything goes wrong. 

Services offered by companies such as Cabrella are perfect for getting rid of all the nonsense. You know the type: added fees, surcharges, and all the extra tasks involved with run-of-the-mill shipping services.

Reliable shipping software programs are fantastic for improving customer experience. They help you to deliver customers safely and on time PLUS cutting your processing time in half. No more picking up shipping supplies, negotiating with the shipping service, or even visiting the post office.

Using a shipping insurance software service gives your staff more time to focus on Shopify, new product ideas, SEO, product pages, and eCommerce marketing. This is a crucial aspect of customer service: Grade-A packaging and a shipment service that is fast and keeps products properly insured just in case. Your customers will respect a job done right. 


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Improving Customer Experience: One Shipment at a Time

Many eCommerce brands underestimate the crucial role that shipment time and quality have in their business. You will increase positive reviews and customer retention by maintaining fast shipping time, shipping products in good condition, and having a comprehensive insurance policy if something goes awry. 

Think about it for a moment: do you want the chance of receiving negative reviews because of packaging issues, lost products in the mail, or other mishaps that are out of your control? 

Of course not! 

Mistakes happen every day in the shipping industry. As an eCommerce brand, shipping is a crucial aspect of your business that you need to get right. That’s why shipping insurance is necessary: it adds a layer of protection and ensures your people get what they want. Especially when international shipping is involved - things can get complicated!


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Cabrella is an excellent eCommerce and shipping software solution that can save your business up to 90% in shipping insurance costs. 

Yes - that is correct. 90% in savings plus no contracts, no setup fees, and no minimum amount of shipments. Is this sounding like a no-brainer yet?

If you want to request a demo - we can give you a no-obligation look at our shipping insurance software and how it can help your eCommerce business. We help Shopify users and any other type of eCommerce platform user. Just get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help!

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