Five Strategies to Help Your 3PL Company Retain Top eCommerce Clients

Posted by Benjamin Meskin on Aug 27, 2020 9:00:00 AM
Benjamin Meskin

For many businesses, customer retention is a significant point of interest. You want to grow your business by attracting new clients, but you also want to keep customers coming back. For 3PL companies (third-party logistics companies), retaining top ecommerce clients is an essential part of maintaining a healthy business structure. 

An innovative 3PL company will offer unique ecommerce fulfillment solutions that meet the needs of its customer base. This can be done through advanced technologies, quick claims management services, discounted shipping and insurance rates, and much more. 

Here are five strategies to help your 3PL company retain top ecommerce clients and keep them coming back for all their third party logistics needs. 


1. Communicate Effectively

There’s nothing worse than not knowing the status of your shipment. For online fulfillment companies and other businesses with complex shipping needs, a breakdown in communication with their 3PL can mean a loss of needed revenue. The top third-party logistics companies actively communicate with their clients, provide tracking information and other shipping data promptly, and keep clients informed about their shipment every step of the way.


2. Customer Service

Excellent customer service retains customers more than almost any other action a company can take. We all know that mistakes and accidents happen, and the shipping industry is no different, to say the least. If there is a situation during the shipping process, and a client needs to submit a claim, they should be able to do so without hassles. Excellent customer service means going above and beyond for even the small things a customer might need to make their shipment a success and to keep them returning to you for more.

Happy shipping customers

3. Utilize Technology

Technology is making ecommerce fulfillment solutions faster, cheaper, and more secure than ever before. Advances in artificial intelligence, risk management, machine learning, and other digital technologies are making 3PL ecommerce shipping solutions an asset for many companies.

A 3PL company that is looking to retain ecommerce clients should be able to master available technologies to provide the best quality ecommerce fulfillment services. Digitizing documents and creating a unified system of claims tracking, secure document storage, and other client information can make a big difference in the experience customers have.

Technology and shipping

4. Add Value

A 3PL company should add value to their customers. This can be through technology that they are using that the competition isn’t; it could also be through partnerships with major carriers that bring shipping costs down. Customers will keep working with 3rd party fulfillment services that they feel add value to their business and make their job easier.


5. Fix What’s Broken

Errors happen, shipments get lost or broken but ignoring it never got anyone anywhere. Third-party logistics companies can improve their customer experience and retain clients by fixing what isn’t working. By gathering shipping data and analyzing it, 3PLs can assess carrier and location risk and see what circumstances might be leading to mistakes or losses along the way. By dealing with the problem sooner rather than later, you can show your clients that you are committed to improving how you do business and bettering their experience with your company at the same time.

There are many other ways to make your 3PL stand out from the competition to retain top ecommerce clients. Working with Cabrella is one way to take advantage of advanced shipping technologies, improve customer service ratings, and settle claims faster than ever.


Benefits of Cabrella

Cabrella offers unique ecommerce fulfillment risk mitigation solutions and shipping insurance around the world to meet all of your customers’ needs. Cabrella has a fast and easy claims process, a world-class customer service reputation, and technology to make any third-party logistics issue a thing of the past. For 3PL companies that want to cultivate, maintain, and grow their customer base, Cabrella is the go-to shipping services provider for several reasons.

Man at a shipping yard

Not only does Cabrella meet the shipping and insurance needs of small and medium-size companies, but we partner with larger third party logistics providers as well. Cabrella works with 3PLs to offer discounted shipping insurance rates with global carriers. Rather than purchase expensive shipping insurance through the carrier, Cabrella can offer discounted insurance rates for shipments of all shapes, sizes, and values. Further, the coverage offered is more comprehensive with fewer restrictions and exclusions.

Cabrella also offers partner 3PLs streamlined payment for claims that customers may have. The claims management system is completely paperless and provides significant data. Rather than wait for the insurance company to pay out a claim, 3PLs can get paid from Cabrella faster and continue doing business without waiting and going through a lengthy and never ending claim process. As more third-party logistics companies partner with us, the more claims get paid out and the better customer service clients receive. The more data we can gather makes the system run even more smoothly.

Shipping yard

Partner 3PLs can also take advantage of Business Intelligence Software from Cabrella. This allows businesses to see and analyze carrier data and shipping information and will ultimately enable them to make informed decisions that could help them retain customers and save money in the long run. We also offer 3PLs that purchase shipping insurance elsewhere but still want to take advantage of our API technology to organize and track shipments and manage claim time frames. 


Final Thoughts

Let us show you the way to intelligent shipping. To learn more about helping your 3PL company retain top ecommerce clients, contact the experts at Cabrella at (844) 422-2735. Our professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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