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Whenever a special occasion  approaches, you know it is time to ship new products and gifts to and from any part of the world. To be sure your package makes it to the recipient without any hassle, you’ll want to choose the best shipping insurance..


Recent data shows that FedEx is among the shipping companies that receive most parcels, following UPS. However, for these large shipping companies, the process is not always smooth sailing. Sometimes, things can go awry, which is why you should always consider their shipping insurance policy.


When  these packages come across  so many handlers , customers might wonder whether it is necessary to incur shipping insurance costs for their parcels. There are important facts to consider before making this decision. The two most important factors when looking at FedEx shipping insurance are:


  1. The value of the parcel.
  2. The shipping company’s tolerance to risk.


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FedEx Shipping Insurance Options


Declared Value Advantage


FedEx shipping insurance offers a wide range of options to ensure the safety of a customer’s parcel. To most customers’ relief, the company can declare a value of up to $100,000 for any shipment of high-value items such as gemstones, jewelry, and even precious metals. This gives customers peace of mind whenever they are shipping high-value packages to international destinations or whichever zip code area in the US.


However, this cover is not insurance for your package. They refer to it as declared value coverage. This represents FedEx’s maximum liability for a parcel in the event of damage or loss. It is, therefore, necessary to declare the value of your package before shipping so that you are advised by the shipper on how to insure it.


FedEx Declared Value Advantage is offered to select customers as it is a contract-only service. For customers to qualify for this service, they must satisfy the required qualification variables which include:


  • Length of relationship with FedEx
  • Package volume
  • Shipping history
  • Commodities requested
  • Loss and revenue history
  • Claims


 International Support Policies


FedEx also supports exporting options for their customers from the US to 215 destinations worldwide. The declared value advantage service also governs these services. Customers who wish to ship to foreign countries are expected to comply with the international laws of the destination country.


For the FedEx Declared Value Advantage to apply, shippers are expected to have a valid FedEx account and the Declared Value Advantage agreement as proof. When shipping to international destinations, customers are also expected to give a full description of their commodities by answering the following questions:


  • What is your commodity?
  • What is it made of?
  • What is the value of each item?
  • Is the commodity a precious jewel or a semi precious jewel?
  • Is the jewel a necklace, ring or earring?


Customers are expected to file a Shipper’s Export Declaration whenever they are shipping jewelry with a value of more than $2,500.

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Pros of FedEx Shipping Insurance


With so many shipping companies available today, shippers will choose a shipping company with shipping insurance that suits their needs. FedEx shipping insurance offers many options for shippers, most of which accrue benefits to the customers. Here are some of the advantages of shipping with FedEx:


  • Easy checking and calculation of rates from their site
  • Automatic updates on your packages and real-time tracking
  • On-time parcel delivery or money back option
  • Reliable customer care services worldwide
  • Paperless billing which is securely done through their website
  • Proof of package delivery on the invoice


Cons of FedEx Shipping Insurance


As you choose FedEx for your shipping insurance needs, keep in mind its downsides. Here are some of its disadvantages:


  • Higher shipping insurance rates
  • No provision for the free package pickup service
  • Slow claims process, usually takes 120 days or more for resolution
  • Can only ship with FedEx in order to use their insurance

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Cabrella Shipping Insurance Options


With 25 years of experience under their belt, Cabrella is a third-party shipping insurance company that offers similar services to FedEx. They partner with other shipping carriers such as FedEx, USPS, and UPS. Their insurance policies cover any company: from a small business to a Fortune 500 company.


Declared Value Coverage


Cabrella offers arguably the highest coverage per package. We are talking about up to $150,000 for any parcel whose value has been declared. This coverage will cover high-value goods such as jewelry and precious metals.


Small Parcel Shipping Insurance


Cabrella shipping insurance stamps affordable insurance prices on small packages. They also provide insurance policies that cover parcels falling under this category, which usually weighs less than 150 pounds and can measure up to 108 inches in length.


Freight Shipping


For parcels exceeding the weight and size restrictions of small packages, Cabrella offers policies to cater to the freight shipping service. This service entails methods of shipping such as truckload (TL), less-than-truckload (LTL), rail, and vessel transportation.


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Pros of Cabrella Shipping Insurance


Cabrella shipping insurance provides many benefits for its customers, some of which include:


  • High insurance limits: Up to $150,000 coverage per parcel
  • Customization to cater to unique insurance requests
  • Less international restrictions and can insure to 182 countries
  • Greater saving: Up to 90% saving compared to other shipping companies and therefore fewer insurance costs
  • Easy tracking of information such as your insurance history
  • Lower average monthly premiums for your insurance policy
  • Paperless claim filing
  • Claims under $20,000 are resolved in 30 days
  • Can choose nearly any carrier to ship with, Cabrella will insure it


Cons of Cabrella Shipping Insurance


There are some reasons why FedEx shipping insurance may be better for your situation, with some of the scenarios highlighted below:


  • If you are shipping one item only (unlike e-commerce businesses that have to regularly make shipments) it may be more convenient to purchase insurance through the carrier 
  • If you are shipping items that are lower value, purchasing a small amount of additional coverage from FedEx shipping insurance (who is liable for up to $100) may be the best option. 


Final Thoughts


Though the two companies may have some similarities in their operations, their differences are quite visible. Cabrella shipping insurance offers higher coverage limits for valuable packages (up to $150,000), while FedEx’s declared coverage for valuable parcels is $100,000, which is considerably lower than Cabrella’s.

Cabrella also has a faster claims resolution time (30 days opposed to 120 with FedEx). 

However, Cabrella works best for e-commerce businesses with regular, high-value shipments. If you are just sending a one-time package or packages on the lower spectrum of value, FedEx is a great solution for you. 


Discover how much Cabrella can save you on shipping insurance rates by getting a quote today!

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