Do You Need Supplemental Shipping Insurance?

Posted by Benjamin Meskin on Jan 9, 2020 11:24:00 AM
Benjamin Meskin

supplemental shipping insurance

When you ship a package out, whether it be as an individual or as part of a business, you are taking a risk that the package may not arrive in the perfect condition that it was sent out in. There is a long list of things that can go wrong, so the shipping carrier service that you use will often offer insurance on your package.

What is Supplemental Shipping Insurance?

Unfortunately, the carrier’s shipping insurance often times does not fully cover the extent of damaging possibilities that surround your package. Luckily, companies like Cabrella offer supplemental shipping insurance that can be coupled with the coverage provided by the shipping carrier, as a way to guarantee your package’s protection.

Supplemental Insurance provides you with an umbrella of coverage that expands over the entirety of your package’s transit. By purchasing supplemental shipping insurance, you have a sense of security with your package that you can depend on, which is made all the more crucial when shipping items internationally.


Why Isn’t My Carrier’s Insurance Enough?

If damage occurs to your shipment, it can cost you or your business both time and money. The item must be replaced or financially reimbursed, but when you have only purchased the carrier’s insurance policy, the act of being compensated can get a little murky. Before a carrier’s insurance claim can be paid out, they must first track the movements of the packages to determine better where the damage took place; this takes time.

While the investigation continues, there is a high probability that the accident was incurred during an event that was not included within their coverage parameters; this leaves you with no monetary reimbursement, as well as your time wasted.


What Are Some Factors That Lead To Damage While Shipping?

A shipping supply chain through any carrier presents certain risks and factors that are not always covered by the carrier’s offered insurance, and these factors only increase when shipping internationally. Some of these common issues are:


While you take the time to wrap your package delicately and drop it in the mail with care, expecting everyone to choose your level of concern, will likely lead to disappointment. Whether they’re in a rush, or only having a bad day, it is not unheard of for carrier employees to be a little reckless with their handling of packages. Their potential recklessness can cost you when it comes to the well-being of your items being shipped.

handling of packages



Shipping goods means dealing with the unavoidable risk of transportation. Far more often than not, the items being transported will not all belong to you, and not all shipping containers are created equal. While traveling, things can come loose, and boxes can slide, bags can tear, things may leak, and so on. If a driver takes a sharp turn, or an airplane hits a hard minute or two of turbulence, packages have no other option than to be along for the ride. Making sure that your own containers are as secure as possible is a must, whether they are a single box or a sizable pallet of your business’ inventory.

Retail Operations

We all have been, for one reason or another, at the shipping counter 15 minutes before the last pick up time of the night, and have witnessed firsthand just how hectic it can be. Shipping and receiving distribution centers can quickly become chaotic, especially during high traffic shipping dates, such as the holidays or tax season. It is all too common to see things dropped, tipped over, or lost, all in an effort to make a timed deadline.


The way in which a package is wrapped can do wonders for how it fairs during its journey. While protecting your items for shipment, keep in mind that wrapping your things in bubble wrap is obviously essential, but so is filling in blank space. Using air pillows for shipping can add cushioning and support to an already well-wrapped item. These can stop a bubble-wrapped mug from bouncing around the confines of an otherwise empty shipping box. To help matters along further, be sure to tape the shipping container tightly, making sure the inadequate tape doesn’t pop open during transit.


Why Is Supplemental Insurance Important?

Imagine that you have just sent out a large or expensive item, like jewelry, that you made sure was well wrapped in order to ensure its safety throughout transit best. However, the recipient of the package has just contacted you to say that the item was shattered upon arrival. You have no idea at what point in the journey the damage occurred, so relying solely on the carrier’s insurance will lead to a costly and time grubbing resolution.

why supplemental insurance important


All of this is made worse by the fact that the shipment went overseas, where the chances of finding accountability for damage are even slimmer. Luckily, your purchase of supplemental shipping insurance has saved you the process of determining what stage in distribution the accident occurred, or the headache of figuring out who was liable.

Supplemental shipping insurance provides a far-reaching arm of coverage that spans the entire journey of your package, from departure to arrival, including international shipping. The coverage of your shipment begins the moment that it leaves the carrier’s facility and ends once it has arrived at its destined address. If something goes wrong, you no longer have to worry about relying on a carrier’s prolonged and sometimes unreliable, insurance claims. Supplemental shipping insurance can make your losses covered right away.

Cabrella offers affordable supplemental shipping insurance to 182 different countries, worldwide, and allows you to use whatever carrier you prefer. You will be able to track your package in real-time and enjoy your shipping insurance needs being met with Cabrella. Using their API Integration technology, Cabrella can work instantly with all major carriers, allowing you to be in the know of your shipment’s status at all times and in all places.


How Do I Learn More?

To learn more about supplemental shipping insurance, contact the experts at Cabrella at (844)-422-2735 or request a quote. Our professionals will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.


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