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Posted by Benjamin Meskin on Dec 23, 2021 9:00:00 AM
Benjamin Meskin

Does the holiday shipping season stress you out every year? Or perhaps you’ve had to deal with the headaches of supply chain issues that have been plaguing the industry? 

Either way, shipping insurance is probably the best method to avoid shipment stress aside from being the Dalai Lama himself. 

This is especially true during the wild holiday shipping season. While major shipping carriers are *mostly* reliable, packages frequently get lost, stolen or damaged.

Why you need shipping insurance is a potent combination of security, flexibility, and customization. It’s also a no-brainer because these days, customers expect eCommerce companies to cover the costs of lost or damaged goods. 

That’s why we created this article as a ‘bible’ for everything you need to know about successfully utilizing shipping insurance, plus all the fascinating use-cases of having shipping insurance software

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Cabrella Shipping Insurance Software

Let’s imagine that Joe the Jeweler decides to make an exciting new eCommerce business that sells gold and silver necklaces worldwide. 

He sets up his website, he makes some advertisements and boom! He’s already starting to get order requests from across the world. Unfortunately, many of his products are getting lost in the mail or showing up damaged. 

This is a problem. He can’t tarnish his growing brand and lose trust with customers! Thus, he gets Cabrella to do the shipping insurance heavy lifting. 

Our shipping insurance software and custom API make it simple for anybody to include shipping insurance while connecting to shopping cart providers such as Shopify to automatically pull orders into the system for fulfillment.

Now, Joe the Jeweler can use Cabrella software to integrate into his existing system or use it as his TMS to ship and insure parcels, track packages, file claims, and much more. Cabrella shipping insurance integrations are a flexible solution for any type of business, from small and mid-size to even the largest shipping operations. 

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Why do you need shipping Insurance?

Let’s be abundantly clear: orders that end up lost and damaged in transit can have a major impact on your business. If this is a frequent occurrence, you will lose customers and have much higher costs than necessary.

Unsurprisingly, surveys have found that 70% of consumers will never shop from an online store again after a poor experience. If you are shipping high volumes of high-value items - shipping insurance will pay for itself.

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How Shipping Insurance Software Works

Shipping insurance software is mostly about making your life easier. Why overcomplicate things? These services enable you to deal with every step of the shipping process and customize everything along the way. 

For example, Cabrella software can specifically meet the needs of any company. 

To illustrate, imagine that you are a business with general shipping & insurance needs. Or in another situation, if you are a company that has the logistics covered - but requires customized & specialized insurance options for your high-value contents. 

Cabrella allows people to ship, insure, track, manage risk, file claims, build customized reports, and more. 

That’s a lot - isn’t it?

These certainly are a lot of features, and luckily we offer them through a user-friendly platform. It’s all about providing customized insurance solutions as an alternative to insuring packages through UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, or other regional and local couriers. 

Cabrella shipping insurance software dashboard


API Capabilities

Integrated shipping services are a key part of any eCommerce shipping operation, and API capabilities are a huge reason why: up until recently, any organization that ships packages to their customers could only insure their shipments from the carrier itself or a separate 3rd party system. This can be a source of fragmentation.

Our advanced software solutions allow companies to obtain rates, bind coverage, and file claims more effortlessly. This leads to higher efficiency, better protection, and lower overall costs. 

Whether it’s eCommerce Shipping Solutions, International Shipping Insurance Solutions, or Customized Freight Insurance Solutions, we’ve got an option for every type of industry. This means whether you’re just starting out the shipping world or a seasoned eCommerce vet, we’ve got something for you.

Man who runs an ecommerce business shipping out items


Shipping Insurance Software Integrations

This is a fun one: Cabrella’s shipping insurance software integrates effortlessly with the market's top carriers and best shipping software platforms. 

If you think about it - this is huge. Cabrella protects deliveries from risk while offering competitive shipping insurance rates and a simplified claims process. We do this via an API (Advanced Programming Interface), and our shipping software integrations connect with multiple shipping systems (such as ShipStation) to immediately and automatically process your insurance.

With Cabrella, shippers have access at their fingertips to business intelligence reporting, active risk managers and advanced tracking, and a fully paperless carrier-agnostic claims systems. We do all of this at the point of label generation through advanced integrations. 

Check out the platforms that seamlessly integrate with Cabrella:

Cell phones with different shipping integrations that Cabrella offers



We integrate with Shopify to streamline the order fulfillment process both domestically and internationally. We can do this to support UPS, USPS, and DHL. 

Compared with other industry shipping software solutions, Shopify has tools that are fully integrated into a user's account. Using the web-based application, any user can arrange pickups, fulfill bulk orders, prepare forms, and calculate shipping costs. Plus, you can easily connect with Cabrella’s shipping insurance software.

Even if a merchant has multiple locations, Shopify can list all products in all locations, increasing visibility. Retailers can also use the additional dropshipping and fulfillment services to allow them to prepare orders at third-party warehouses and eliminate any need for manual processing.




eBay connects with ShipRush, a full-scale shipping solution that offers automation and connectivity with 65+ marketplaces, including all of the other major eCommerce brands such as Shopify, Amazon, and so on. eBay also has business compatibility with major enterprise tools such as QuickBooks, SalesForce, Microsoft CRM, and most important of all - Cabrella. 




Most of the shipping services integrate with the eCommerce behemoth that is Amazon. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is their end-to-end fulfillment service for e-commerce business owners. 

Amazon selects, packs, and sends your products to buyers. They also provide customer support and handle returns. These services are available for a monthly inventory storage and fulfillment fee per item. 

Thus, if you plan to ship high-value packages to Amazon (FBA), a third-party shipping insurance company such as Cabrella can help you avoid detrimental losses. Our customizable e-Commerce shipping insurance integrates exceptionally well with Amazon.




We like ShipEngine. Their multi-carrier API software helps sellers manage returns, validate addresses, and process shipments across hundreds of carriers. 

ShipEngine has all of the big-name integration partners such as PayPal, eBay, ChannelAdvisor, Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify, among many more. Sellers can also create customized workflows that work with their shipping practices while managing orders from start to finish. 

It’s worth mentioning that ShipEngine eliminates shipment processing delays and streamlines logistics processes. Plus, we like that the shipping software allows retailers to include personalized brand materials. If you use their service, we can insure the goods so you can rest easy and power through the holiday shipping season. 




We think of ShipWorks as a fulfillment software solution specializing in high-volume shipping demands. We appreciate that their extensive API integrations are compatible with virtually every carrier and include 100+ capabilities. 

ShipWorks has flexible automation options, unlimited shipping software integrations, and a host of other features. We are Pro-Shipworks, and if you do a high volume of shipping, they are worth considering. 

If you are an eCommerce-heavy, fast-moving business - check them out. However, if you are a small business that sells handmade soap on Etsy, there are other options. 



Ship Station

Did you think we would forget about ShipStation? 

Fear not, we didn’t - and this web-based shipping software connects with some of the best online platforms, marketplaces, and carriers in our big and beautiful eCommerce shipping industry. 

Sellers can synchronize order controls across platforms via API integrations while also using personalized branding. Users also have access to tools via the ShipStation integration to simplify inventory management, auditing, and reporting. 

We can also report that sellers can optimize shipping processes by customizing orders for increased visibility and insights at every stage of the shipping process. 



Shipping Easy

You’ll be pleased to know that Shipping Easy lives up to their name! 

They are a shipping service that automates workflows, imports orders automatically, and streamlines delivery. As you would imagine, their tools allow the seller to fully customize and control the entire shipping process. 

They also have order management tools that enable sellers to ship from multiple locations, process batch orders, sort orders by category, combine and split shipments. 

If you can imagine it, they probably have the shipping capabilities available. We would list everything, but we will send you to the Shipping Easy website for further detail.



Major Shipping Carriers (UPS & FedEx)

Yes, the rumors are true. Our API-based shipping insurance software integrates with the major shipping carriers. We easily and seamlessly integrate with UPS, FedEx, and more.

FedEx's Ship Manager software allows sellers to monitor and review shipment activity, create custom reports, and connect to data systems via the FedEx Integration Assistant. On the flip side, sellers can download UPS software in 20+ languages, and the shipping software connects easily with Cabrella's shipping insurance system to save time and money.

If you choose to integrate shipping insurance software (cough, cough, Cabrella) into your delivery system, you can boost your company's productivity and take advantage of expedited claims processing that can help you receive reimbursement sooner.



Top 12 Benefits of Cabrella’s Shipping Insurance Coverage

12 Cabrella Benefits Graphic


Cost Savings

We’re a 3rd party shipping insurance software provider. We provide an affordable alternative to insuring packages through UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL and everyone else.

What’s the difference? We eliminate the restraints and inadequacies that you find with courier-provided insurance. It’s shipping, insurance & risk intelligence software for luxury and high-value items that eliminate the expensive overhead of lost, damaged, or late shipments. Working with us saves money!


Save Time

When you use a service like Cabrella, we act as your cargo umbrella that streamlines your entire shipping insurance process. 

Our software gives sellers the ability to ship, insure, track, manage risk, file claims, build customized reports and more. We use a simple, streamlined interface that anyone from an eCommerce veteran to a novice could use. 

Man in a warehouse working on his laptop


Get Paid Quickly

Our software makes everything simple and a click away. Thus, all transaction details are listed in our database if you need to file insurance claims. 

Any claims that are filed via API or otherwise will be automatically available. They also include all relevant details for rapid filing. Users and partners can also use our API to obtain up-to-date claim status responses. These steps make getting paid quickly an easy process.



Our API integration allows shipping insurance to link with your external system effortlessly. 

Imagine - not only can you insure your shipments with any carrier, but you also gain access to a host of brilliant benefits that will catapult your shipping world and proactively push your business forward to prosperity. 

UPS truck on a city street


Business Intelligence

With Cabrella Shipping Insurance Software, you will finally have access to a brave new world of business intelligence. 

Now, you can track packages, review notifications of carrier exceptions, and easily file claims in minutes. One month of Cabrella will change the game. Especially when you access the treasure trove of valuable statistics and data to manage and improve shipping operations.


Few International Restrictions

We insure packages to nearly every country. You can expand your trading horizons by selling and shipping to customers in countries you never had access to previously. It’s all a great way to increase your shipping horizons and generate new business.

Cargo ship transporting international packages


“All Risk” Insurance Policy Wording

Our insurance policy wording is amongst the strongest and comprehensive in the industry, with special wording for high-value commodities. We don’t mess around when it comes to providing the best insurance policy available. 

Frankly, if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be much of a 3rd party provider as you could just rely on the basic providers. But they won’t treat you right like we will.


Service Levels

Cabrella offers coverage for most levels of delivery service, including Overnight, 2nd Day, 3rd Day, Ground, and 1st Class Mail®. We also obtain coverage for multiple modes of conveyance such as LTL, FTL, Ocean and Air Freight.


Higher Coverage Limits

It’s quite simple: you can benefit from up to $150,000 per package on parcel and up to $750,000 on freight shipments. How does that sound?

Delivery man carrying a stack of packages down the street on a dolly


Choice of Carrier

Users can ship with our pre-approved major shippers, including UPS™, USPS®, FedEx™, DHL™, Major Air Cargo Airlines, local LTL carriers and many more. If your carrier is not on the list, you can submit it for approval. It usually shouldn’t be a problem.


Customized Solutions

We know that sometimes life happens and you need special requirements or requests. That’s why we can create custom solutions for any shipper. Just let us know your parameters, and we’ll probably be able to help.


Any commodity

We protect it all. Read below for more information!


Industries that benefit from Shipping insurance



Jewelry shipping insurance is paramount for high-value goods. Our software allows you to control shipments with a private dashboard that tracks packages, files paperless claims, and registers packages for insurance all in one place.

We can insure with nearly any carrier. Did you know that through a jeweler’s block policy, the Postal Service is often the required carrier? With Cabrella, you can choose any of the major carriers, even regional carriers, on approval. We also make international shipping easy by insuring packages to over 180 countries, OR you can use lock boxes for extra secure shipments.

eCommerce jewelry seller


Precious Coins, Collectibles and Memorabilia

We recommend using secure lockboxes similar to those that we use for jewelry shipments for shipping precious coins, collectibles, and memorabilia. Our team is packed full of insurance & logistics professionals with specialized knowledge on shipping high-value goods. 

We understand high-value commodities, risk underwriting, claims adjustment and logistics. This makes us an ideal partner to provide customized solutions for any high-value cargo. 



Medical instrument shipping insurance shouldn’t be overcomplicated! These expensive pieces of equipment such as respiratory ventilators, anesthesia machines, and even smaller devices can cost tens of thousands of dollars. 

We offer higher coverage limits to protect your most valuable medical shipments. We have fewer restrictions on international shipping and make it easy with paperless claim filing for fast resolution.

Shipping such devices without insurance is risky for everyone involved. There is always a risk when it comes to shipping expensive and fragile products, from temperature sensitivity to even theft! We are keen to offer medical logistics insurance and customized solutions for medical shipments to mitigate risks and insure with nearly any carrier.

That’s why having a customized plan for medical device insurance is 100% necessary to send valuable devices and pharmaceuticals with confidence. 

We are proud to cover much higher amounts than typical carriers, with a limit of $150,000. Plus, we provide international medical and pharmaceutical shipping to 180+ countries.

Shipment of pharmaceuticals


Luxury Fashion & Handbags

Ecommerce Luxury fashion and resale is a booming industry. Whether it's a Louis Vuitton handbag or Gucci loafers, you want to ensure that your high-end shipment reaches your customer safe and sound. 

Cabrella offers custom insurance options for high-value items, and we can also integrate with your shipping system, notifying you of issues and necessary changes.

YSL and Prada handbags


Musical Instruments

Our team is full of musicians, and we are inherently aware of the delicate nature of instruments and the complexities of shipping them! We offer customizable instrument insurance for your shipments with high coverage limits, so you never have to worry about the state of your instruments.

Guitar being shipped



We offer unmatched shipping insurance for technology and electronics, with coverage limits up to $150,000 and prices that are 90% lower than the competition. That’s quite the discount. 

Our technology shipping insurance covers every situation, from extreme weather conditions to theft. Name a product, and we probably cover it: laptops, cameras, video game consoles, televisions, electrical appliances, and more.

If you require technology shipping insurance - you have come to the correct provider. 

Digital camera being mailed



Building customer loyalty depends on having a seamless shipping process. This is best achieved with shipping insurance software from a trusted provider.

We use streamlined order processing and delivery with the best shipping software and insurance integrations. Everyone from small business owners to the busiest eCommerce giant could easily use our service to successfully ship worldwide! 

Cabrella's shipping insurance software allows users to leverage the planet's top shipping software services while automatically adding world-class shipping insurance coverage to your orders. Contact us today to learn how Cabrella's shipping insurance software can get you the best shipping insurance rates. 

We happily work with businesses and organizations of every size. You can also connect with our shipping insurance professionals at Cabrella at 844-422-2735. We look forward to answering your inquiries and speaking soon!

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